Meet Chef Val! Valerie Gerdes is owner and chef of the Tin Roof Pizza Truck, which opened in 2018.  Val is a gifted pastry chef from Los Angeles and is very familiar with flour and mixing dough.  In L.A. she studied under French chefs and mastered techniques in pastry and French cuisine, which led to her teaching a pastry program at a country club in California. In order to have great food, every ingredient matters and must be of excellent quality, starting with the flour! In 2015, Val and her partner made a leap of faith, leaving L.A., and moving to a small mountain town in North Carolina.  They bought a gourmet market and wine store,  The WhistleStop Market, in Brevard NC, where they are still owners to this day. 


During a trip to San Fransico in 2016, she stopped to eat at "Montesarco" and tried their Pinsa Romana.  As a connoisseur of dough, she knew she found one unique product, she loved the taste and texture! She inquired of their flour and process and some trade secrets were shared.  It took 2 years of research and time, but she found the producer of the DiMarco flour, which produced the amazing crust on the Pinsa Romana she fell in love with! Val has also been making pizza for over 21 years and finally decided to take her passion to the next level, inspired by the Pinsa Romana at Montesarco and encouragement from her partner, Diane. In August of 2018,  Tin Roof Pizza truck was born! Making these pinsa/pizzas by hand, starting with their amazing unique dough process, and finishing in a Mugnaini (Wood-Fired Oven)!